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With the participation of SamSMU, a propaganda event was organized among the youth of the MGC "Independence"

  Today, to prevent negative vices between young people, increase their healthy and harmoniously upbringing , the role of the society is particularly large. Higher education institutions also contribute to this work.On the initiative of Dean of Medical faculty #1 Lutfullaev G.U., on December 1, 2022 in school #30 of Samarkand city belonging to MGC "Independence" , attached to Medical Faculty No.1 of SamSMU, was held a propaganda event on "Prevention of addiction to tobacco products among young people".

  The event was attended by R.M. Orokov, the chairman of the MGC "Independence" , N.D. Shukurova, the chairman of the neighborhood women's council, G.B. Rakhmatova, the director of the school No. 30, I.A. Asadova, the school psychologist, B.T. Torayev, the assistant of the department of psychiatry, medical psychology and narcology of Samarkand State Medical University, and M. O. Zaripov, the deputy dean of work with youth affairs of the Medical Faculty No.1 , tutors of the faculty and youth of the neighborhood took part.

  During the meeting it was discussed that young people fall under the influence of other people's ideas and negative vices, and that this will have negative consequences for the future of children and society, and information was given about the measures to be taken.

SamSMU Press service