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Teams of "Merry and Resourceful" of SamGMU faculties in the districts of the region

  The "Merry and Resourceful" teams of talented students from Samarkand State Medical University visited the mahallas of Pakhtachi district of Samarkand Region to familiarize themselves with the work with young people in the field.

  Representatives of the "Merry and Resourceful" team of the Faculty of Medical Prevention, Public Health and Medical Biology visited the mahallas of Jahanabad, Istiklol, Boston, Bodoy, Mirkan of Pakhtachi district and the "Merry and Resourceful" team of the Faculty of Dentistry took part in meetings with young people from mahallas of Mozhar, Kirgili, Gulobod, Nakhripai and Nurafshon.

  During the meetings were presented the history and contemporary life of the University, prepared sketches and programs on the life of modern youth. Organized meetings with mahalla youth were held in an upbeat and friendly atmosphere and were full of interesting discussions. Undoubtedly, the meetings made an indelible impression on the youth of the district, inspiring and encouraging their participants to continue their studies and to master knowledge in the future.

SamSMU Press Service