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Applications and nominations for the Wenhui Award are now open launched by UNESCO Asia-Pacific Program for Innovation in Education

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Program for Educational Innovation has launched the 2022 Wenhui Prize competition with the theme Educational Innovation to Rebuild Learning.

When filling out the nomination form for the award, you must pay attention to the following documents:


Nomination form;

Form for conclusion of innovations; Frequently asked Questions.

In addition, a candidate applying for an award must meet the following criteria:

- Be a citizen of UNESCO Member States in Asia and the Pacific;

-Develop and implement innovative practices that correspond to the best practices in the field of education in the 21st century and are aimed at improving the quality of education;

- Innovations developed by candidates should have a positive impact on the opportunities and quality of education in the Asia-Pacific region;

- Innovations should be aimed at promoting education, improving the quality of education and popularizing education.

Applicants must send all required materials to the Wenhui Prize Secretariat email address ( by January 27, 2023 (Bangkok time (UTC+7).

Full details of the competition can be found at the following web page:

In addition, full information is available on the following social media links: https://facebook.eom/unescobangkok/posts/pfbid034o... DBw and .