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Spiritual and educational work of the faculty of medicine № 2

  One of the main activities of the faculty is to form moral valuesin students, to be interested in their professional activities, the necessary need for a healthy lifestyle, and to involve them in public and cultural events of the university. For the implementation of these tasks, the Faculty has a board of trainers, who carry out their activities according to the approved plan. Each group of the faculty is assigned a trainer, selected from experienced pedagogues. Students of the faculty are involved in public events, amateur initiatives under the guidance of trainers, visit historical monuments and notable monuments, theaters and museums of Samarkand and the Republic in order to spend their free time meaningfully.

  Students of the faculty have been participating in various creative competitions held in our Republic. Great attention is paid to physical education and sports. Faculty students participate in swimming, tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, national wrestling, oriental martial arts, and athletics sections operating at the base of our university's sports complex. They actively participated in regional and national sports competitions.

  Cultural and public work is aimed at meaningful organization of leisure time of students. One of the main directions of the faculty's activity is the formation of high moral values in students, the interest in professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, and the involvement of students in cultural and public events of the university. To fulfill these tasks, the faculty has a training council, its activities are carried out in accordance with the approved plan. Each group of the faculty is assigned a trainer from among experienced pedagogues. Under the guidance of instructors, students of the faculty actively participate in public events, organize cultural recreation, visit historical monuments and attractions, theaters and museums of Samarkand city.

Fakultet xodimlarining “Navruz” umumxalq bayramida ishtiroki

  Yoshlarni jismoniy chiniqtirish,ularning sport sohasida qobiliyatini namoyon qilishlari uchun zarur sharoitlar yaratishga yo'naltirilgan.