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Morally and educational work of the department

    As the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoev, stated in his programs, "One of the most important and urgent issues is to educate young people with high morale, modern knowledge and skills, independent thinking in the spirit of national and universal values". He said that we can build a prosperous and prosperous society through high spirituality and continuous spiritual education.

    At the beginning of each school year, a plan for the implementation of work in the spiritual-educational and moral educational spheres is approved after discussion.

    During the academic year, according to the plan, the professors-educators of the course carried out many works in the fields of spiritual and moral education.

    National holidays, historical figures and birthdays of our great ancestors were constantly celebrated at the faculty. Including; "Independence Day", "Teachers and Mentors' Day", "Language Day", "Kurban Hayit", "Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan", "Defenders of the Motherland Day", "International Women's Day", "Nowruz Holiday", "Remembrance Day" and appreciation day", holidays, great figures A. Navoi (9.02), Z.M. Babur (14.02), The birthdays of Ulugbek (22.03), A. Temur (9.04) were widely celebrated.

    In the "Information hours" held on Thursdays of the week, interviews on the topics of high standards of spirituality, spiritual maturity of students, and religious tolerance were continuously held throughout the year for the purpose of developing the spiritual maturity of a person.

    Apart from these, the days spent on the scale of the Republic and the world; November 3 "International Day of the Disabled", December 1 "World AIDS Day", May 18 "International Museum Day", May 31 "Environmental Protection Day", June 1 "Children's Day" ", June 26, round talks dedicated to the "Day of struggle against drug addiction" were held in all groups.

    Dedicated to the Day of Remembrance and Appreciation, the employees of the "Physics, Biophysics and Medical Physics" Department of SamDTU held meetings with Zebo Ibragimovna Niyazova, who taught students for many years at the university, and other honored former teachers, on May 9.

    Employees of the department, on the basis of the orders and instructions of the regional government and the university management, are visiting the districts and schools of Ishtikhan, Kushchrabot and Kattakurgon districts, and are issuing permits based on the instructions.

    Associate Professor Sodikov Naim Ochilovich, who has worked and lead the department for 54 years, was awarded the "Labor Veteran" badge of the first degree according to the presidential decree.

    All the activities planned at the beginning of the academic year were carried out, and there were no illegalities or anti-spiritual behavior at the level of our department.