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Science club

    At the Department of Physiology, the research work of students is carried out on the basis of an annual plan drawn up by the department within the framework of the SNO of the Samarkand State Medical University, the organization of meetings of the student scientific circle "Young Physiologists". Meetings of the scientific circle are held twice a month during the year. Each student is attached to the teachers of the department and conducts scientific research together with his scientific supervisors on topics of interest to him in accordance with the student mentor tradition. At the meetings of the circle, participation in republican and international scientific and practical conferences, the formation of students' oratorical skills, the results of completed works and the results of scientific works are analyzed. In addition, laboratory classes are held in each session, and students practice their practical skills independently.

    Each student presents scientific papers prepared on the basis of information and results obtained in the course of his scientific research at the meetings of the SSS. The most relevant scientific articles and abstracts prepared based on the results of scientific research are selected and announced at national and international competitions and scientific and practical conferences. In addition, for students who are new members of the circle, experienced teachers of the department who have scientific potential will conduct master classes on scientific activities.

    Khujanova Muattar Absalamovna, the head responsible for the activities of the club, currently works as a senior teacher,

    and is also the author of several scientific papers, articles, educational, teaching aids.

    Head of the course: Raupov Bahodir, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine, author and co-author of 7 scientific articles, diploma holder of the 1st level of the international Olympiad competition "Samarkand 2020-2" held at SamDTU, graduated from Bukhara, Winner of the 2nd prize of the International Olympiad "Followers of Ibn Sino", candidate for the "Rector's Scholarship", 3 certificates, 2 certificates of honor, 2 letters of thanks. This year, 12 talented students of the group took part in international Olympiads organized in the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign countries, and won prizes.Members of the scientific group "Young Physiologists" have published more than 10 articles and theses in republican publications, 26 articles and theses in international and foreign journals

    The circle "Young Physiologists" invites all students interested in the science of physiology and future scientific activity to cooperate, encouraging the achievements of the members of the circle.