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Research work of the department

  Over the years, many scientific works have been published by the employees of the department, where the department worked . Including: "Medicinskaya parasitology" 1945y. Moscow. Textbook. ENPavlovsky "Echinococcosis i bor'ba s nim", M, 1973, VM Sadikov "Larval'nie teniidozi cheloveka i jivotnih", "Larval'nie teniidozi cheloveka i karakul'skikh ovets" and textbooks were published . In 1946, ENPavlovsky lectured at the All-Union Congress on Parasitology in Paris, France. At the Moscow International Homeopathic Conference in 2007-2008, Professor VM Sadikov, Assoc. Sh.M. Mukhitdinov, senior teacher AMVakhidova gave lectures.

  Currently, the scientific work of the department is conducted by Islamova Zebiniso Bostonovna.

  The young teachers of the department: ZB Islamova , GM Matkarimova, KT Ismailov have confirmed their scientific work and are conducting scientific research to get the PhD degree .

  In the last 5 years, more than 300 scientific works have been published by the staff of the department, including 4 training manuals, 3 monographs, 9 electronic programs, more than 100 articles in leading republican and international journals.

  In 2020, Scopus i Web of Science: 2 articles, articles published abroad: 12, articles published in the Republic: 4, abstracts published abroad: 8, abstracts published in the Republic: 35 .

  Mukhitdinov Sh.M. and other authors developed a Patent (Registration number DGU 20201728 Code otslejivaniya DGU61917 Data postupleniya dokumenta 12.09.2020) on the topic "Bentotent - as a source of trace elements" .

  In addition , the students prepared by the pedagogues of the department are participating in the science Olympiads of biology and zoology in the Republic and taking pride of place. In particular , on May 14-15, 2018, the 2nd round of the republican Olympiad in the field of biology was held at the Kokan State Pedagogical Institute. Mamadiyorova M., a 1st-year student of the Faculty of Medicine, took the proud 2nd place among the higher education institutions. At the Science Olympiad of the Republic of Zoology held in 2020, the 1st-year student of Pediatrics, 114th group, Uralov Rustam Mansur Ugli was awarded the 3rd degree diploma (№0160 10.07.2020) from the Science Olympiad of Zoology. Faculty of Pharmacy 2nd year student Akbarov Asliddin took first place and won a gold medal in the "Young Scientist 2021" competition held in the Republic of Kazakhstan.