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Educational and methodical work of the department

  The following students of faculties study at the department such as 1-2-3 courses of folk medicine, 1,3 courses of higher nursing work , 3, 5, courses of dentistry, 4, 6 courses of medical - prevention , 4.6 – courses of medical work faculty , 4,6 – courses of medical pedagogical faculty and 2nd course of medical prevention , public health and medical biology students and 1,2,3 courses of Poland, Chuvash states of medicine university cooperative foreign joint program and students study the following subjects “nursing work in the public” science , " Public health and healthcare organization ", “Valeology” science , “ Evidence based on medicine integrated methods ” science , “ Healthy life style” science and "Marketing and management” sciences.

  The department is working on the preparation of highly qualified specialists for the magistracy.

  Educational works of each course and each faculty will be introduced according to the approved documents:

- qualification characteristic;

- State standard ;

- training program;

- educational work program:

- educational technology includes:

- Order No. 80 of UzRSSV basically changes ;

- confirmed diagnosis standards ;

- international recommendations ;

- modern education technologies ( graphic organizers , case technology and project method ).

  In the process of training there are the following types of technical equipment:

Video lectures, presentations, practical and lecture materials were created in an organized telecommunication system in accordance with the classes, a demonstration is conducted on special monitors through the central computer

  Department library:

  • The library has more than 30 educational books in English , Uzbek and Russian languages
  • Electronic library includes textbooks, atlases , study guide, tutorials and others.

  For students organized presentations and demonstration equipment in accordance with the topic of statistical analysis.