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Faculty history

  The Faculty of International Education at Samarkand State Medical University was established in 2020. During the period of functioning of the International Education Faculty the following persons held the post of Dean: PhD M.A. Aliyev, assistent F. M.Raufov. Currently DSc. S.E.Mamarajabov works in this position.

  A total of 2.223 students are enrolled at the faculty. In the organisation of the teaching process, decisive importance is attached to strict observance of academic and work discipline, broad introduction of advanced pedagogical technologies into teaching practice, improvement of the quality and effectiveness of teaching in the departments of the faculty.

  Regular financial incentives, cash bonuses for teachers and students, enrolment of outstanding students on the scholarship of the Rector of SamSMU, state individual scholarships find a lively response in the staff.

  A noticeable place in implementation of this laborious, daily work is occupied by deputy deans: A.I. Juraev, R.A Khurbanova, N.I.Kharimova, M.X.Mirzaeva who try to learn what each student lives on, provide necessary assistance, meet with parents of students and visit departments daily. Rationalization of work of dean office, introduction of posts of deputy deans for every course, assignment of courses to deputy deans from 1st to 6th year, in complex of measures allow to achieve high attendance of students on faculty on the whole for every term (not less than 99.5 - 99.8%) and qualitative improvement of performance on subjects (80 - 90%), which continue to improve.

Those who worked as a dean at the faculty:

Ph.d of medical sciences M.A. Aliyev

Assistant F. M.Raufov