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Chair of medical chemistry

Kholmurodova Dilafruz Kuvvatovna

Head of the Department of Medical Chemistry,(DSc)

Time of receipt: Monday through Saturday: 08:30-14:30
Phone: +998973930110

Samarkand city, Amir Temur street, 18




Yusupova Saodat Sayfiyevna

Associate Professor

Mamadiyarova Kholida

Associate Professor

Kiyamova Dilfuza Sharipovna


Pardayeva Sokhiba Buriyevna


Qarjavov Abdukhakim Rakhmanovich


Rayimqulova Charos Akhmatovna


Qodirov Bekhzod Gafurovich


Mamadaliyev Ikrom Ilkhomiddinovich


Turg’unov Davron Elbekovich


Isoqova Dilnoza Toshevna

trainee assistant

Berdimurodova Feruza Pirnazorovna

trainee assistant

Raxmonova Feruza Erdanovna


Akhmedov Bakhtiyor Bakhodirovich

trainee assistant

Nurmanova Iroda Musurmonovna

trainee assistant

Usmonova Khilola Isropilovna

trainee assistant


  In 1930 the department of "general chemistry" was established. Until 1933, the department was headed by prof. Headed by NL Merkulovich, in 1933-1936 the department was headed by Professor LN Parfentyev. From 1938 it was called the Department of "Inorganic Chemistry" and until 1946 it was headed by Associate Professor AA Shamshurin. During these years, the staff of the department conducted research in various areas of inorganic chemistry, and they published more than 30 scientific articles, defended one candidate's dissertation. In 1946-1964 the department was headed by docent. Directed by S.F. Babak. Under his leadership, the department conducted research on "Complex compounds of alkaloids pyrimidine derivatives."
  The Department of Biochemistry was also founded in 1930 and was headed by Professor L.N. Lapin from 1931 to 1961. During this period, the staff of the department developed modern micromethods for the detection of sulfanilamide drugs, vitamin C, cholesterol, chlorine salts, acetone bodies in the blood.
  In 1964, the Department of General Chemistry was merged with the Department of Biological Chemistry and was renamed Dots. IG Priyev presided.
  During this period, members of the department engaged in organic chemistry developed a new method of synthesis of carbazide and studied the biological significance of trace elements. As a result, new findings were obtained that are important for health practice.
  In December 1977, the department was divided into the departments of Bioorganic and Physical Chemistry, as well as Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry. Assoc. Prof. to the Department of Bioorganic and Physical Chemistry. KA Askarov began to lead. During these years, the department has paid more attention to scientific research. As a result, the department has 4 doctoral students (KAAskarov, DMIvniskiy, MDDavronov, BSMirzaev) and 12 candidates (STRashidova, IMMuratov, RTToshmatova, Z.Yu.Yunusova, K, I, Iskandarov, MFYulayev , RADmitrieva, D.Daniyarov, N.Tangiyarikov and bq) were prepared and defended. He has published more than 450 scientific and educational articles in six monographs. During this period, members of the department issued 20 copyright certificates for scientific discoveries, 2 patents on the basis of about 30 scientific reviews. The department of bioorganic and biological chemistry was headed by prof. V.A. Blinov headed. The scope of scientific research has been expanded, and the attention of the department's staff has been focused on the scientific study of physiology and pathology of the vascular system. As a result of this scientific research, many scientific articles have been published, and several copyright certificates have been obtained. 1 doctoral and 6 candidate dissertations were defended.
  In September 1994, the Department of Bioorganic and Physical Chemistry was merged with the Department of Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry. The department was renamed the Department of Bioorganic, Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry. Chair prof. KA Askarov was the director.
  From July 2012 to August 2017, the department was headed by Associate Professor KT Sovetov. In August 2017, the department of "Medicine and Biological Chemistry" was renamed and headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor KM Khalikov.
  In August 2020, the department of "Medical and Biological Chemistry" was divided into two separate departments and renamed "Medical Chemistry" and "Biological Chemistry", and Kholmurodova Dilafruz Quvvatovna was appointed head of the Department of "Medical Chemistry". Currently, the department has 14 employees. Among them are 1 doctor of philosophical sciences, 2 associate professors and 11 assistants. The department has 1631 students. Students of the I stage of the faculties of treatment, pediatrics, vocational education, dentistry, medical prophylaxis, medical biology, folk medicine and I, II, III stage students of the pharmaceutical faculty study at the department.
  The department has 5 training laboratories and 1 laboratory room equipped with adapted technical means and laboratories in the form of practical laboratory work and working on the basis of economic contracts and grants. There are electronic versions of all lectures, virtual laboratories. The scientific directions of the department are carried out in cooperation with major research centers in the CIS and foreign countries. (Moscow, Ivanovo, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Tel Aviv, London, Saratov) According to the results of research work of the department during these years 7 doctoral dissertations, 35 candidate dissertations were defended, 17 published a monograph, more than 1,800 scientific and educational articles, more than 100 certificates of authorship and rationalization, was awarded the gold medal of the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements (VDNX) in 1985 for his achievements in science.

In different years he worked as the head of the department of biological chemistry


  In 2020-2021, the staff of the department published 3 monographs, 6 textbooks, 11 manuals, more than 100 articles in foreign and national journals, created 1 DGU program.

  In September 2021, the Department of MEDICAL CHEMISTRY moved to a new educational building. Our Rector, Professor J.A. At Rizaev's initiative, the building's lecture halls, auditoriums and laboratories are equipped with new equipment. All conditions are excellent for students.

  The department teaches medical chemistry for students of treatment, pediatrics, dentistry, medical biology and prophylaxis, inorganic chemistry for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, organic chemistry, physicolloid chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, toxicological chemistry.


  From 2020 to 2021, the head of the department Kholmurodova D. K. will support the doctoral dissertation (DSc).

  “In the 2020-2021 academic year, the head of the department Kholmurodova DK successfully defended his doctoral dissertation (DSc).

  One of the teachers of the department Rayimkulova Ch. A., Isakova D.T. and Berdimurodova F.P. were also awarded by the rector for active participation in the educational and spiritual work of the department.

  Dilafroz Kholmurodova, Head of the Department of Medical Chemistry, TFD (DSc), Associate Professor, participated in the Republican competition "The best teacher of higher education institution" in 2021 in the nomination "The best teacher using innovation and information technology" and Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdukodir Tashkulov solemnly awarded an honorary diploma.


  The department will include academic mobile communications from November 2020. Establishment of online lectures and practical training with the Medical Academy of South Kazakhstan wishes.

The scientific basis of the department is the relations with the State Unitary Enterprise "Science and Development" of the Tashkent State Technical University named after I.Karimov, Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, SamDTI departments, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry named after O.Sadikov of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. A lot of research work is being done. Many with universities in America, Russia, Kazakhstan websites were created. There is information about them in the educational and methodical work with the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute.

  2021 17.09. Rector of the Belarusian State University of Technology Professor Voytov IV, Director of the V.A. Belogo Scientific Institute Professor Grigoriev A.Ya., Director of the Institute of Chemistry Academician Agabekov V.Ye. The delegation headed by the Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Science and Development" under the Tashkent State Technical University named after IA Karimov, Professor NS Abedlar visited the Samarkand State Medical Institute.

The visit established interactions in the institutes where one of the basic disciplines of compulsory chemistry medicine was preserved in its time. A roundtable discussion was held on the role of chemistry in medicine, pharmacy, its functions, scientific work carried out in the Belarusian institutes of scientific activity. Future plans have been made for the exchange of experiences.