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May 9 - "Day of Remembrance and Appreciation"

  It is the duty of each of us to remember our heroes who fought valiantly in the war against fascism, experienced hardships and hardships, and sacrificed their lives for our peace and well-being. May 9 is widely celebrated in our country as "Day of Remembrance and Appreciation". The Day of Remembrance and Appreciation and the 79th anniversary of the victory over fascism in the  World War II were also widely celebrated in Samarkand region.

  In the presence of the governor of Samarkand region, Erkinjon Turdimov, veterans and activists gathered at the memorial square where the statue of "Mourning Mother" is located and remembered the memory of those who passed away. Those gathered were congratulated on the holiday, and special recognition was given to the attention and incentives given to the veterans of the war and labor front, and the representatives of the older generation under the leadership of our country's president.

  Also, in today's extremely complicated and dangerous times, the bravery and glorious traditions of our heroic veterans in educating our youth in the spirit of patriotism, protecting them from various harmful influences, preserving peace and stability, friendship and harmony between nations and religions are always a school of example for us. it was said that it will serve as

  The participants of the event laid wreaths at the base of the statue "Motamsaro ona" and commemorated our heroes.

SamSMU Press Service