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Conversation was organized on the topic "Education of young patriots is the sacred duty of veterans"

    It is the age-old value of our people to learn about the condition of war and labor veterans and show them respect. In our country, there are many veterans who returned from the Afghan war. Our government always respects and pays attention to them.

    On April 9 of this year, a roundtable discussion on the topic "Education of young patriots is the sacred duty of veterans" was organized among students and young people at the Samarkand State Medical University in cooperation with the "Veteran" association of combatants-veterans and disabled people of Uzbekistan with the participation of international combatants.

    At this meeting, the head of the department of the association of veterans and disabled people, Mavlonov Erkin Torakulovich, council members Egamberdiyev Alisher Jorakulovich, Eshkobilov Tora Jorayevich Murtozayev Khabibullo Murtozaevich, Ibragimov Khalil Israilovich, Kafiyev Khushvakt and university officials sons and students participated.

    Our veterans told the students about the hardships, sufferings and homesickness they experienced during the war, and emphasized that young people should look at our peaceful life today with gratitude. They stressed the need to make good use of the opportunities created for young people in our country today and become mature personnel in their fields.

    Students had the opportunity to get answers to their questions from our heroes.

Press service of SamSMU