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Awarded talented students of the Faculty of Medicine Number-2

  Many contests and events, scientific competitions are organized for students studying at Samarkand State Medical University to demonstrate their knowledge, potential, and talents. During the year, the students who were able to set an example with their knowledge and activity are duly awarded by the university.

  On April 3 of this year, "Meeting of the Dean and students" was held at the Faculty of Medicine Number 2 of Samarkand State Medical University. At the meeting, the dean of the faculty Khamidov Obid Abdurakhmanovich held an open dialogue with the students and exchanged opinions on their suggestions, comments and questions about the educational process.

  Also, during the meeting, he was recognized among his peers for his talented and active creativity, inquisitiveness, and mastering all subjects with excellent marks during the 2022-2023 academic year in the "STUDENT OF THE YEAR" competition held at the faculty level. the winning students were duly awarded. In particular, Murodkhan Kamolov, Janobiddin Fazliddinov, Oybek Ochilov, Ramiz Shavazi and Zarina Umarova were recognized as worthy in various nominations and were awarded diplomas and badges.

  Dances and songs performed at the event gave everyone a festive mood.

SamSMU Press Service