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Event was held to prevent Crime and Corruption

  The management of the university and the Youth Union of SamSMU started to prevent cases of joining various foreign ideas and currents among students studying at Samarkand State Medical University and to call them to awareness by providing them with more in-depth information about religious extremism and terrorism. events and meetings are constantly organized by the internal organization.

  In particular, a meeting dedicated to this topic was held with students of the Faculty of Dentistry of Samarkand State Medical University. At the event E.Aripov, adviser to the Rector of Samarkand State Medical University on ensuring the stability of social and spiritual environment among students, F. Sh.Saidov, N.S.Sobirov, inspector of the Anti-Terrorism Department of the Internal Affairs Department of Samarkand region and B.Khudoinazarov, an employee of the Cyber Security Department of the Samarkand Region Internal Affairs Department, participated.

  During the event, students were given detailed information about the negative consequences of religious extremism and terrorism, the established criminal responsibilities, and the need to be alert in order not to fall under the influence of various foreign ideas and currents. Also, the employees of the Anti-Terrorism Department of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Samarkand region gave the necessary legal information to the students through presentations, and detailed answers were given to the questions that arose.

  Those who spoke at the event were called to appreciate the peace and tranquility of our country, express gratitude and make good use of the opportunities created for the youth of our country.

SamSMU Press Service