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Samarkand region exhibition-fair of medicinal plants, drugs and biological supplements prepared from them was held

  In order to ensure the implementation of President decision-251 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated the 22 of May, 2022 year, Samarkand State Medical University will hold an "Exhibition Fair of Medicinal Plants of Samarkand Region and Medicinal Products and Biologically Active Additives" was established.

  Forestry and farm organizations growing medicinal plants, enterprises engaged in processing medicinal plants took part in the exhibition.

  In the exhibition, the educational and practical processes of students in the pharmacy established under the Faculty of Pharmacy of Samarkand State Medical University and the scientific developments of the employees of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Samarkand State Medical University on the cultivation of medicinal plants were demonstrated.

  The purpose of the organized exhibition is to establish comprehensive cooperation among entrepreneurs engaged in the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants in the conditions of Uzbekistan, to organize the cultural cultivation and processing of medicinal plants, medicinal plants to support the establishment of cultural plantations of plants, as well as to increase the medical culture of the population, to widely promote the benefits of medicinal plants among the population and doctors, to implement scientific achievements in the cultivation and deep processing of medicinal plants is to put in.

SamSMU Press Service