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Navruz holiday is being celebrated in Samarkand

  The holiday of rejuvenation and renewal Navruz  which has become the most beautiful and valuable of spring, is celebrated by our people. This year, on March 21 - on the eve of Navruz holiday, holiday celebrations are being organized throughout our country. In particular, celebrations were held in Samarkand. From early in the morning, the central streets of the city, Alisher Navoi Park were filled with compatriots in the Navruz spirit and festival mood.

  Concert performances, folk games and national performances were presented at the grand festive event. Also, a number of organizations and institutions, universities also took part in the celebration. Among them, Samarkand State Medical University took an active part in the holiday program and shared high spirits with our compatriots with performances reflecting our national values and traditions, exhibitions of national food and costumes, and festive songs.

  The mayor of Samarkand region, Erkinjon Turdimov, also visited the holiday and congratulated everyone on the coming Navruz.

SamSMU Press Service