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Talented students of the Faculty of Pediatrics were awarded

  A meeting of the dean of the faculty was held with the students of the Faculty of Pediatrics of Samarkand State Medical University. At the meeting, the work carried out at the faculty until today, achievements and shortcomings were analyzed and a discussion was held.

  Also, at the event, during his studies at the faculty, he won the "STUDENT OF THE YEAR" competition at the faculty level during the 2022-2023 academic year with his talent and active creativity, inquisitiveness, as well as mastering subjects with excellent grades among his peers. The students were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs. Also, letters of thanks were given to their parents.

  Also, during the event, a stage performance called "Haji Tam-Tam Hangomalari" prepared by students was shown.

SamSMU Press Service