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Theater creators are among the youth

  One of the most important factors that enrich the spirituality and thinking of the nation and the people is the theater. The theater gives the viewer a special mood, spirit and spiritual nourishment.

  On March 12 of this year, at the Samarkand State Medical University, the Faculty of Preventive Medicine and the Youth Union of Uzbekistan organized a meeting called "Theatre Artists in the Youth Circle" at the initiative of the primary organization of the Samarkand State Medical University. Honored artist Mekhri Khakimova and theater actors Behruz Gurbanaliyev and Shokhsanam Oblokhlova took part in the meeting.

  During the meeting, the guests gave the students valuable and interesting information about the theater and its importance, the great spiritual nourishment that can be obtained from it, as well as about the past and present of our national theater.

  An open dialogue was organized with the students, and their thoughts and comments about the theater were heard. Detailed answers were given to the questions that arose.

  At the end of the meeting, the guests were given letters of thanks for their contribution to increasing the interest of young people in theater art and for their visit to Samarkand State Medical University.

SamSMU Press Service