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SamSMU students take part in the "World Youth Festival - 2024"

  Currently, the World Youth Festival is taking place on the federal territory "Sirius" (Sochi, Russian Federation).

  The festival is attended by 20 thousand young leaders from 188 countries of the world, in the sphere of business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, volunteering and charity, sports, as well as teenagers representing various children's organizations and associations. Eleven representatives of Samarkand State Medical University, including 9 undergraduate students and 2 residents of the master's program, are also taking part in the festival.

  During the festival, which will last until March 7, the participants will have the opportunity to further strengthen their knowledge and potential and will take part in more than 30 different programs. 

  "World Youth Festival-2024" will undoubtedly serve to further develop strong friendly ties of cooperation between different countries and peoples.

SamSMU Press Service