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Academic and youth meeting was held

  On March 1 of this year, a meeting was organized at Samarkand State Medical University with academician Dilshod Ubaydullayevich Tulyaganov, who has made a great contribution to the field of science of our country.

     The meeting was attended by the first vice-rector of Samarkand State Medical University for youth issues and spiritual and educational affairs Tangirov Eldor Sayfullaevich, professors and teachers of the university and active students.

     During the event, Academician Tulyaganov Dilshod Ubaydullayevich told the students about his scientific and practical activities, his efforts and efforts to reach the academic level. He also gave interesting information to the students about his scientific work and gave detailed answers to the questions that arose. Academician Tulyaganov Dilshod Ubaydullayevich spoke about the facilities and opportunities in the field of science that are being created for our youth today and called on the students to make good use of such opportunities.

     The guest was also visited the history museum of the university and was introduced to the history and present of the Samarkand State Medical University. At the end of the meeting, academician Tulyaganov Dilshod Ubaydullayevich was presented with a letter of thanks for his selfless contribution to the training of qualified specialists and scientific-pedagogical personnel in our country, for his many years of effective and honest work, and for his cooperation with Samarkand State Medical University.

SamSMU Press Service