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A webinar on "Complex diagnostics of orthodontic patients using digital technologies" was held at

  On February 15 of this year, a webinar on "Complex diagnosis of orthodontic patients with the help of digital technologies" was organized at the Samarkand State Medical University with the participation of Kaplan Daniil Borisovich from the Russian Medical University. Rector of Samarkand State Medical University Jasur Rizayev opened the webinar and spoke about the organized training seminar.

  Presentations and lectures on the topic were listened to, and the questions of the participants were answered.

  Also, during the seminar, the presentation of the study guide entitled "Orthodontics" by Kaplan Daniil Borisovich, translated and presented under the editorship of Professor, rector of Samarkand State Medical University  Jasur Rizayev was held. The presentation talked about the aspects of convenience of the manual for students and all researchers.

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