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A party was organized in Samarkand State Medical University on the occasion of India Day

  The friendly relations between Uzbekistan and India have a long history. This strong friendship continues today in many areas. In particular, in education. Currently, about two thousand Indian students are studying at Samarkand State Medical University, along with many foreign students.

  On the occasion of January 26 - Republic Day, which is considered one of the great holidays of the Indian people, the Indian Culture Day celebration was organized at the Samarkand State Medical University. Rector of Samarkand State Medical University, Professor Jasur Rizayev opened the celebration and spoke about the strong friendship between the two peoples and emphasized the great importance of this event. Representatives of the Embassy of India in Uzbekistan also participated in the event.

  During the party, which was held in a good mood, the Indian student group presented dramas about the history and culture of the Indian people, national dances and songs, and various interesting performances.

  Also, active and exemplary Indian students studying at SamSMU were awarded with honorary certificates, letters of thanks and souvenirs.

  The organized event creates a basis for further strengthening of strong friendly relations between the two nations.

SamSMU Press Service