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Cooperation relations were established between Samarkand State Medical University and Pamukkale University of Turkey

  "International Thermal Health Tourism Forum" organized by Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey, is being held  on January 11-13 this year. Aimed at sharing current and successful applications, the International Thermal Health Tourism Forum provides an environment that generates innovative and sustainable solutions to sector challenges and creates a comprehensive platform for network collaboration. It allows sharing of the latest developments in the field of thermal health tourism, exchange of experience and future cooperation.

  Representatives of Samarkand State Medical University, as well as healthcare institutions of several countries of the world, are participating in the international forum. At the forum, a meeting was organized with Aziz Kubayev, Vice-Rector of Public Health Technical Colleges and Academic Lyceum of Samarkand State Medical University and  Rector of Pamukkale University professor Ahmet Kutluhan and a memorandum on bilateral cooperation was signed.

  According to the memorandum, in the future, it was agreed that the two institutions will cooperate in organizing scientific research activities of students and professors, implementing academic mobility programs of master's and clinical supervisors, and organizing educational processes.

  For information, Pamukkale University was founded in Denizli in 1957 as an ordinary school and later became a higher education university. Pamukkale University is considered one of the most famous public universities in Turkey and currently has 45,000 students and 1,400 residents.

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