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Meeting of "Minister and youth"

  At the same time, the attention paid to the health sector and the opportunities created in our country have a positive effect on the development of the sector. On December 22 of this year, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan Amrillo Inoyatov held an open dialogue with the youth. At the meeting between the minister and the youth, Amrillo Inoyatov touched on the summary of the year that is coming to an end and talked about the work done and the achievements. Also, the minister talked about future plans and tasks, and introduced 15 new benefits and opportunities for doctors and students of medical universities in 2024.In particular, over the next year, 50 young Uzbek specialists will be sent to study at the Webster University of the United States under the program "Organization and Management of Medical Institutions" at the expense of the state, a number of foreign countries, including Russia, the United States, Germany, at the expense of the Ministry's funds for doctors, nurses and young researchers. Organization of internships in Turkey, Korea, France, Japan and other countries, regular implementation of "Summer internship schools" for students of medical universities and technical institutes in foreign countries, establishment of free language courses for industry representatives and a number of other innovations are planned. caught.

  Representatives of the healthcare sector of all regions who participated in the dialogue online had the opportunity to directly express their questions, suggestions and appeals. In particular, the representatives of the industry in the Samarkand region, representatives of the health department of the Samarkand region, representatives of the Samarkand State Medical University and technical institutes also participated in this open dialogue and expressed their opinions and suggestions.

  The organized "Minister and Youth Meeting" was a unique dialogue of energy and enthusiasm for young people.

SamSMU Press Service