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A conference on "Model UN" was organized at SamSMU

  A conference on "Model UN" was held at Samarkand State Medical University in cooperation with the Youth Union. Students of various higher educational institutions took part in the conference. The participants had the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills, ideas and opinions on various global problems within the framework of the conference.

  Students also had the opportunity to expand their worldview and make new friends through interaction. For reference, it can be said that the Model UN conference gives participants more information about their skills (such as public speaking, being proactive, and expressing themselves) on their personal resumes, and the certificates they receive. In addition, these certificates are used to apply for internships (UN internships abroad in cities such as New York, Vienna, Geneva, Nairobi, The Hague), jobs and study abroad programs, which often require a resume for consideration.

  At the conference, students had the opportunity to get answers to a number of questions they were interested in.

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