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The method of intraoperative ultrasound neuronavigation was introduced into practice

  Ultrasound is a method of non-invasive examination of the human body using ultrasound waves.  The ultrasound device consists of an ultrasound wave generator and an ultrasound transducer.  Also during ultrasound examination, a special gel is applied to the sensor.

  On October 18 of the current year  for the first time in cooperation with doctors of the radiology department ultrasound (ultrasound) device was used successfully as an intraoperative means of neuronavigation in the neurosurgery department of the multidisciplinary clinic of Samarkand State Medical University.  The ultrasound machine was used in neuronavigation during surgery to remove an intracerebral tumor located in the basal region of the frontal lobe, the remaining parts of the tumor were identified and maximum total removal was achieved.

  In the future, it is planned to use this device in neuronavigation during surgeries performed due to intracerebral volumetric processes in cooperation with the doctors of the Radiology Department of the Clinic and to apply this method of navigation in wide practice.

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