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Rector of SamSMU visited socially vulnerable youth of makhallas

  Great attention is paid to work with unorganized and in need of social protection youth of mahallas  (eng. local government body) in our country.

  On July 11 this year, representatives of the working group headed by the rector of Samarkand State Medical University Zhasur Rizaev met with a group of young people living in citizens' congregations of mahallas "Galaosiyo", "Registon" and "Tashkent" of Samarkand city, who have disabilities and need social protection.

  Thus, the problems, proposals and appeals of young citizens were heard and considered at the meetings held with the participation of activists from citizens' congregations, young people and their parents. During the meetings the rector gave instructions to the responsible persons to organize systematic support and assistance to these youth representatives.

  Additionaly, SamSMU Rector Zhasur Rizaev presented book collections and other memorable gifts to the youth representatives

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