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Student scientific conference in the field of morphology

  A scientific conference was organized for students of the morphological profile at the Samarkand State Medical University in order to attract students to scientific research, to select talented youth. This conference was organized with the support of the department for the organization of research activities of students and the departments of the morphological profile of the Samarkand State Medical University.

  Students at the scientific conference presented their scientific research in pathological physiology, microbiology, virology and immunology, OSTA, histology, cytology and embryology, human anatomy and physiology. There was a detailed  discussion of several interesting topics related to these areas of fundamental medicine had taken place.

  During the conference, students' reports were evaluated by the jury, and at the end, the authors of the most exemplary works were awarded diplomas of I, II and III degrees and memorable gifts.

  The conducted scientific conference left a good impression on the students and served for many as the first scientific field of their future research activities.

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