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Scientific and practical conference "Modern aspects of emergency therapy" with the participation of Turkish specialists at SSMU

  On May 19, the Samarkand State Medical University hosted a scientific and practical conference "Modern Aspects of Emergency Therapy" with the participation of representatives of the University of Medical Sciences (Istanbul, Republic of Turkey) staying at the university as part of the academic mobility program. The conference was attended by teachers of specialized departments, master's residents, clinical residents, university clinic staff.

  At the opening of the conference, the director of the Eurasian Research Center for Health and Social Sciences, head of the Department of Clinical Psychology of the University of Medical Sciences Prof. Ainur Feizioglu and Head of the Department of Pharmacology, SSMU, Associate Professor Soatboy Yuldashev. They noted the importance of cooperation between the two universities in the field of training competitive medical personnel and mutually beneficial exchange of accumulated experience, as well as the initiatives of the rector of SSMU Professor Jasur Rizaev in establishing close cooperation with the University of Medical Sciences.

  The conference heard the reports of leading specialists of the University of Medical Sciences - "Treatment of injuries in special groups (pregnant, pediatric and geriatric patients) associate. Songul Aracha, "Medical treatment in case of bleeding" assoc. Merwe Kabasakal Iltera, "Ultrasound of injuries in the emergency department" prof. Serkan Emre Eroglu, "Ensuring airway patency in patients with cervical spine injury" doc. Mehmet Terzhana, "Case Report of Complex Airway Management: Intubation in an Awake State," Assoc. Mehmet Yilmaza.

  The reports were accompanied by illustrative material from practical cases from the Turkish health experience, and aroused genuine interest among all participants in the conference.

  At the end of the scientific and practical conference, Turkish colleagues were thanked for their speeches, as well as reached agreements on the implementation of future scientific forums and master classes.

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