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Meeting on the fight against religious extremism and terrorism

  April at Samarkand State Medical University, among the faculty and residents of clinical residency, an educational meeting was held on the topic "Attempts by RED/MTO to expand their influence through the Internet and measures to combat them," "Protecting young people from the currents of religious fundamentalism and opposing missionary."

  The event was opened by the head of the department of clinical (educational) bases of SamSMU U. Pulatov, who noted the regular holding of educational measures to counter religious fundamentalism and terrorism, measures taken at the university to orient youth to scientific and professional activities.

  The adviser to the rector of the university, E. Aripov, who spoke at the meeting, spoke about the destructive ideas and ideologies of religious extremist movements and international terrorist organizations. It was emphasized that RED and MTO are now distributed to young people through social networks.

  The meeting participants were shown videos on the topic, designed to use the opportunities created for young people, and resolutely oppose the influence of destructive ideas.

SamSMU Press service