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Navruz festivities at Samarkand State Medical University's Academic Lyceum

  The academic lyceum of Samarkand State Medical University solemnly celebrated Navruz, a holiday of spring and the renewal of nature.

  Active participants of the event included professors, university students, staff and students of the academic lyceum.

  Rector Zhasur Rizaev, who joined the celebration, congratulated all participants on the forthcoming Navruz holiday, a holiday of purification and renewal of life.

  Thus,  competitions in national dishes, national costumes, sewing headdresses, jewelry, embroidery and sports were held among young participants during the celebration.

  Employees of the Infectious Diseases Department of the university decorated the festive dastarkhan with national dishes, baked goods, and cooked festive pilaf.

  Masterful songs and dances performed by talented students gave all the participants a real festive mood.

SamSMU Press service