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Samara State Medical University held a meeting "Rector and Gifted Youth"

  In recent years, all the necessary conditions have been created for talented young people to achieve significant results in prestigious national and international olympiads and competitions. Samarkand State Medical University also pays special attention to the search and support of talented students. On February 24, the rector of the Samarkand State Medical University, Professor Jasur Rizaev met with a group of active and gifted students.

  Opening the meeting, J.A. Rizaev spoke in detail about the reforms being carried out in the republic under the leadership of the Head of State, the opportunities created for young people for personal and creative growth. During the meeting, a solemn award ceremony was held for 35 laureates of the "Rector's Scholarship" for the 2022/2023 academic year among university students, 9 students of professional colleges and technical schools under the tutelage of the university - winners of the "Rector's Scholarship", 8 winners of the international online competition "Virtuoso of medicine”, 15 winners of the II International Student Scientific Conference, winners of the 2022 creative works contest “The best materials created by young people in the field of social media” of journalists and bloggers of Uzbekistan in the nomination “Youth of Uzbekistan against tobacco!”. Diplomas and certificates were also awarded to students who won a scholarship from the Association of Doctors of Uzbekistan for students of medical universities. There was also an awarding of students - winners of the competition among university students "Student of the Year - 2022" in the nominations - "The most knowledgeable student of the year in their specialty", "The most active student-athlete of the year", "The most active talented student of the year", "The most active creative year", "The most active student-promoter of the year", "The most active student-inventor - student-innovator of the year", "The most active student-entrepreneur of the year". During the dialogue, Jasur Rizaev called on students and young people to be more active, to establish public control at the faculties, to more actively cover the educational process and the life of faculties in social networks. It was especially noted about the increase in the prestige of the university through the participation of our students in international olympiads and competitions.

  The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the students also spoke about their great ideas and plans for the future.

  The main purpose of the meeting was to support our talented youth to increase their activity in the scientific and educational field, encourage them to achieve even higher heights in the future

SamSMU press service