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    Charity event “Donate blood - give life!” at Samara State Medical University

      Blood is one of the most important elements in the human body, it performs the functions of transport, regulation and protection of essential nutrients and oxygen in the body. Blood loss due to accidents and various diseases creates the need for blood transfusions and the need for donors. Translated from Latin, the word “donor” means “to give”, because by donating blood, a donor can save the life of another person and give him a new life.

      In order to widely promote the honourable cause of donation, Samarkand State Medical University is holding a charity event "Donate Blood - Give Life!". The event, led by Rector J.A.Rizaev, was attended by Vice-Rectors , heads of clinics, deans, heads of departments and student activists.

      At the event the conditions and rules of the donation procedure were explained in detail and the importance of this essential and noble mission was emphasised.

    SamSMU press service