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SamDTU students became winners of the international Olympiad

  On 30 November 2022, the Tashkent Medical Academy hosted the 2nd International Olympiad "Medical Specialists". Medical students from various countries took part in it. Among them, students from Samarkand State Medical University also participated in the Olympiad and took honourable places.

  Team SamSMU under the leadership of Holmurodova D.K.: Ikromova Amirakhan, Ibragimov Sardorbek, Isomiddinova Sahiba, Hakimboev Jaloliddin, Ochilov Yagub, Bobokulov Samoidin, Rayimjanova Kamilla took 2nd and 3rd place with active participation in the International Olympiad.Especially: Hakimboev Jalaliddin, a 5th year student of the Faculty of Medicine and Pediatrics, took 3rd place in Neurology. Achilov Yakubjon, 4th year student of Pediatrics Department, took 3rd place in Specialized Surgery area Babakulov Samoiddin, 4th year student of Medical Faculty, took 2nd place in Therapy area.Kamilla Rayimzhanova, a 5th year medical student, took 2nd place in the Department of Reproductive Health and Paediatrics.

  An important event for SamSMU was the major victory of our students in the International Olympiad "Medical Specialists". It is no exaggeration to say that such achievements give our students new energy, enthusiasm and determination. Congratulations to all the winning students!

SamSMU Press service