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Methodological seminar (master class) with the participation of an international expert

  Since August 29 in Samarkand State Medical University, within the framework of cooperation with the Royal College of Great Britain, a scientific-practical seminar and master class for teachers "Principles of making up test assignments and OSCE" with participation of Anvar Ali Khan, professor of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Medical Director for International Accreditation RCGP, Honorary Professor of Samarkand State Medical University.

  Rector of Samara State Medical University Professor Jasur Rizaev, who opened the methodological seminar, noted the relevance of the master class for improving the quality of education and training of highly qualified medical personnel. The seminar discusses methods of assessing students' knowledge in medical education, in particular certification, self-assessment, examination progress and assessment of educational effectiveness. The workshop presents the theoretical framework for objectively assessing student knowledge, as well as practical suggestions for standardizing test writing and the Objective Situational Clinical Examination (OSCE). The processes involved in peer review and revision of exam elements will also be explained during the methods seminar.

  At the seminar it was decided to deepen cooperation in the field of training and regularly conduct methodological master classes for the university teaching staff.

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