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Rector of SamSMU delicered the lecture to the students on the secrets of success

  At the large conference hall of Samarkand State Medical University a practical lecture for students was hosted by the rector, Professor Jasur Rizaev, on "Success: How to achieve it" .

  In his speech, Zhasur Alimanovich spoke about his life path and career, noting that achieving leadership is not only a matter of honour and luck, but in many ways a way of responsibly overcoming of existing difficulties and taking responsibility for the team he leads. The rector emphasised that the aim of studying at a higher education institution is not just to graduate, but to become a true professional in your field in order to gain a strong position and respect in society, and that the guiding principles should always be belief in yourself and hard work in every situation.

  At the end of the lecture, it was agreed to hold a Q&A session via the rector's respective social media accounts.

  The rector's sincere monologue with the students left a deep impression on all participants of the meeting.

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