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Genetic laboratory to detect hereditary diseases opened in Urgut district of the region

  On June 10, the Urgut District Innovation Zone of Samarkand Region hosted the opening ceremony of the "Genetic Laboratory for Diagnostics of Inherited Diseases" start-up project funded by the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan to improve early diagnosis of inherited diseases in the region.

  The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Khokim Askar Eshankulov, Rector of Samarkand State Medical University Jasur Rizaev, First Deputy Head of the Regional Health Department Suhrob Zainiev, Director of the Regional Screening Center Gulnora Eltazarova and Samarkand Regional Innovative Development Department Sardor Hayrullaev, who congratulated the participants and residents of the region with the opening of the innovative molecular genetic laboratory.

  Today, 5-6 out of every 100 children in the world are born with genetic defects, and these defects are accompanied by impairments in the intellectual development of the child. It is revealed that 5-6 percent of them have hereditary diseases, which appeared for the first time and were passed on from one of the parents.

  The participants of the event visited 7 equipped laboratory rooms and their equipment. The initiator of the project, director of GENMEDICAL LLC and head of the Otorhinolaryngology Chair №1 at Samara State Medical University Nilufar Khushvakova started works on organization of the laboratory service. In particular, negotiations were held with manufacturers of molecular genetic laboratory equipment and software products, and the necessary PCR equipment was introduced to conduct the appropriate analyses, using advanced equipment from Russia, Spain and Germany. It was noted that the project will initially create 5 jobs, and in the future this figure will increase by 2-3 times. The innovative laboratory will contribute to the development of medical genetics and early prevention of hereditary diseases not only in Urgut district but also in other regions of the region and the Republic.

  The laboratory will also cooperate with leading foreign and domestic medical centers and clinics in consulting patients of the region.

SamSMU Press Service