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The 4th International Congress of the Turkic World on Multiple Sclerosis kicks off in Samarkand

  The 4th International Congress of Turkic World countries on multiple sclerosis started its work on June 6 at Samarkand State Medical University. Specialists from Turkey, North Cyprus, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and leading medical universities and scientific centres of our republic are attending the conference.

  The International Congress of Turkic States on Multiple Sclerosis was held for the first time in 2019 at the Faculty of Medicine of Gulhane University (Turkey). At that time it was decided that the congress would be held annually in one of the countries of West and Central Asia. The main goal of the congress is to discuss advances in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis, innovative approaches and existing problems in medicine, ways to solve them, the use of advanced technologies, the establishment and development of international cooperation of neurologists.

  The inauguration ceremony of the 4th International Congress of the Turkic World on Multiple Sclerosis was attended by Amrillo Inoyatov, First Deputy Minister of Health of Uzbekistan, Jasur Rizaev, Rector of Samarkand State Medical University, Erdöl Cevdet, Rector of Istanbul University of Medical Sciences, Botir Daminov, Rector of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Yokutkhon Majidova, associate professor of this institution and a number of leading Turkish neurologists, in particular professors Demirkaya Şeref, Gülhane Eğitim, Araştırma Hastanesi, Efendi Hüsnü and Associate Professor Feyzioğlu Aynur, who highlighted the importance of international communication and collaboration between scientists and practitioners in further improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of multiple sclerosis and other related neurological diseases in their welcoming speeches.

  The conference continued in sessions where leading neurologists, neurorehabilitation therapists, neuropsychologists, neuroanimation therapists, radiologists, healthcare managers, general practitioners, allergologists, obstetricians, gastroenterologists and other specialists participated in the discussions.

  The congress covered a wide range of questions, including modern neurorehabilitation measures and improvement of neurological care in multiple sclerosis, widening the range of specialised care, use of various diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation methods and improving the quality of medical services. Bilateral round tables, discussions and media briefings was also planned.

  The 4th International Congress of the Turkic World on Multiple Sclerosis will last until 10 June, with the final session taking place in Tashkent.

Press Service of SamSMU