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University staff visit homes of honoured workers on the eve of Remembrance and Honour Day

  On the eve of the annual memorable date "9 May - Day of Memory and Honour", Samarkand State Medical University is honouring war and labour veterans, who have worked in the university for many years and are now retired.

  Staff of the Department of Physics, Biophysics and Medical Physics in honor of "9 May - Day of Remembrance and Honour" visited the home of Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Zebo Ibragimovna Niyazova, who worked for many years in this department.

  The staff of Social Sciences and Humanities Department congratulated Marat Zhamolov (born in 1935), Associate Professor and long-time lecturer of the department who brought up hundreds of students, with the memorable date.

  Also, representatives of the university visited and congratulated the former head of the military department, Colonel Uktam Abdiev.

  During the meetings the veterans were told in detail about the recent changes and qualitative reforms of the university, strengthening of its material and technical base.

  Distinguished workers of the university expressed their sincere gratitude for the visits made, noted the value of a peaceful and prosperous life, and wished peace and prosperity to SamSMU and all our people.

Press Service of SamSMU