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Public health awareness and health culture promotion and in-depth health checks in the districts of the region

  On April 3-20, 2022, under the direction of the Rector of the Samarkand State Medical University, Professor Zhasur Rizaev, great comprehensive work has been carried out in the districts and towns of Samarkand province by a working group of about 1000 representatives of the faculty, masters and clinical residents in order to ensure the implementation of instructions of the "Open Dialogue" with the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the representatives of the health care sector (the Decree PP-33 dated March 24, 2022), order № 65-70/22 of Samarkand region Hokim (eng. head of local government) of March 28, 2022, order of the Samarkand Regional Health Department.

  Representatives of the university held outreach meetings on health promotion, improving the medical culture and raising awareness of the condition of patients of groups 3 and 4, pregnant women and young children, and conducted in-depth medical examinations in 30,000 households of Pasdargom, Urgut, Taylak, Jambai, Bulungur, Payarik, Akdarya, Ishtikhan, Kushrabat, Nurabad, Pakhtachi and Narpai districts of the region.

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