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Courses for family doctors "Immunization in the practice of primary health care"

  The Samarkand State Medical University in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, with support from the World Health Organization, is training family physicians in Samarkand, Kashkadarya, Navoi, Surkhandarya and Khorezm regions on "Immunization in primary health care practice".At this stage, the staff of the Department of General Practice / Family Medicine of the FPDO trained more than 975 family doctors from Samarkand, 625 family doctors from Kashkadarya, 26 doctors from Navoi and 60 doctors from Surkhandarya regions of the republic.

  During the courses, family physicians learned about the priorities and tasks of the education and health system reform in the direction of immunisation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, learned to assess problems in time, diagnose and manage difficult negative cases, improve the health of children with medical contraindications to vaccination and be responsible for their further vaccination. In accordance with the tasks set, the cadets mastered the skills with SanPiN RUz No. 0239-07 (Appendix 3) and standards for safe immunization, studied the organizational and legal issues of vaccination, the main documents regulating its implementation, the skills of carrying out activities aimed at ensuring the immunity of the population, epidemiological surveillance, collection of statistical data on diseases, analysis and reporting, as well as acquired the necessary knowledge and skills on the relevance and safety of vaccines, including the new vaccine against HPV and COVID-19 in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  According to the schedule, the training of family doctors in the Khorezm region is currently starting.

Press Service of SamSMU