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The first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Institute

  In order to increase the efficiency of reforms implemented in higher education system, to ensure the financial stability of state higher education institutions, to expand opportunities to independently address issues of strengthening the material and technical base, attract funding for research activities, as well as the development of a competitive environment among higher education institutions, the President of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev signed decrees of December 24, 2021 "On additional measures to ensure the academic and organizational and managerial independence of state higher educational institutions" and "On additional measures to ensure the financial stability of higher education institutions".

  Samarkand State Medical Institute from 2022/2023 academic year will be financially independent. In this regard, the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of Samarkand State Medical Institute was held on February 5, 2022.The meeting was attended by the rector of the Institute, members of the Board, vice-rectors. The meeting was opened by the chairman of the supervisory board, the deputy minister of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ulugbek Yusupkhanovich Sobirov.

   At the beginning of the meeting the regulations and business plan of the supervisory board of Samarkand state medical institute was approved. During the discussion the importance of full-scale implementation of strategic development, the definition of target measures to achieve high ratings in internationally recognized organizations, a number of solutions of various issues relating to the formation of the target fund in the form of a non-profit non-governmental organization, the independent determination of the use of extra-budgetary funds have been noted. At the same time, special attention was paid to the adoption of joint measures on the achievements of future personnel and their development. Also it was agreed to realize joint actions on study and implementation of world experience in fight against corruption and contribution in development of higher education and its financial activity. In addition, the great opportunities for expansion of cooperation programs in the field of health, traditional medicine, as well as academic mobility within the framework of these programs were discussed at the meeting

  The Chairman of the Supervisory Board U.Y. Sabirov offered his support to the members of the Board and wished success and development in the further implementation of all endeavors.

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