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International webinar on research activities in physics and biophysics and medical physics

  On January 20, international practical seminar “Research activity” was conducted at the Department of Physics, Biophysics and Medical Physics of Samarkand State Medical Institute in collaboration with Russian colleagues from corresponding departments of Izhevsk State Medical Academy (Prof. S.B.Egorkina and members of the department) and M.T.Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University (Prof. V.A.Stepanov, Prof. V.V.Belykh and other members of department) .

  During the webinar colleagues from Russia and our specialists discussed the exchange of research information, scientific innovation, enhancing cooperation in the field of patenting, ensuring fruitful research, joint implementation of international scientific and practical conferences, training seminars and webinars.

  Russian colleagues were particularly interested in the credit-module system of educational process, which is being implemented in Samarkand State Medical Institute. Thus, an agreement on exchange of experience with work on credit-module system was reached as well.

SamSMI Press Service