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Samarkand State Medical Institute hosted a meeting on the implementation of Presidential decrees “On additional measures to ensure academic and organizational and administrative independence of state higher education institutions”

  On December 24, 2021 President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed two important documents that will bring cardinal positive changes in higher education system: “On additional measures to ensure academic and organizational and administrative independence of state higher education institutions” and “On measures to ensure financial independence of state higher education institutions”.

  In order to ensure implementation of these resolutions and clearly define further tasks, a meeting chaired by the Rector of SamSMI Zh.A. Rizaev was held.

  In accordance with these documents, universities will have the following opportunities: creation and publication of textbooks and other educational and scientific literature based on their own plan for a higher educational institution and its branches; creation and implementation of mechanisms for internal control of the quality of education; implementation of the main activities related to education, science, implementation and commercialization of its results, the creation of non-state structures, commercial and non-profit organizations; approval of the structure of the institution and determination of the staffing level, regardless of the standards established for higher educational institutions; the opening of new areas and specialties based on the needs of the labor market, the termination of existing areas and specialties; establishment of the procedure for hiring, dismissal and internal rotation of teachers and other employees; detailed consideration of such issues as the reception of foreign citizens on a paid basis and the organization of distance learning.

  “At the same time, in regard to the full transition of higher education institutions to the credit-module system, trainings for heads of departments and teaching staff will be organized in all higher education institutions,” Jasur Rizaev noted in his speech.

  In the next part of the meeting, 3 speakers shared their views and opinions on topical issues:professor Saodat Khamidullaevna Yusupalikhodjaeva - stressed the effectiveness of Case study method providing more effective material learning through high emotional involvement and active participation as a factor of directing students to independent thinking, instilling independent work by the faculty, spoke about how to increase the demanded knowledge and skills, through the use of necessary keywords, stopped at the need to prepare lecture materials, which would be accessible for students.

  Bekhzod Abdullayev, expert of Editory, spoke about the importance of publishing scientific articles in Scopus and Web of Science, which have high international rankings, shared his knowledge on points which should be taken into consideration while writing a scientific paper, choosing a relevant topic, increasing citation and preparing a first-class article : associate Professor Khusinova Shoira Akbarovna shared her knowledge on the basics of teaching practical skills to students and trainees, talked about pedagogical methods of teaching, digitalisation of the learning process, scientific approaches, assessment criteria, the need for a personal digital library, emphasised the importance of preparing research projects, distance learning, informed the audience about conducting training sessions on scientific programme and curriculum preparation.

  A number of other tasks were also identified.

SamSMI Press Service