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A delegation from the Samarkand State Medical Institute visits the Mariinsky Palace

  On December 21, Chairman of the standing committee for social policy and public health of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg Alexander Rzhanenkov met with personnel of the Samarkand State Medical Institute (SamSMI, Republic of Uzbekistan) at the Red Hall of the Mariinsky Palace. The meeting was also attended by Mikhail Remizov, Head of Medical Rehabilitation and Sanatorium Treatment Department of the Committee on Healthcare, as well as professors and students of SamSMI.

Welcoming the guests, Alexander Rzhanenkov remarked that St. Petersburg and Uzbekistan have established close constructive cooperation, in particular, in the sphere of medicine. Touching upon pandemic of coronavirus infection and COVID-19 sickness in public health Alexander Rzhanenkov thanked the medical community representatives present on behalf of Alexander Belskiy, Chairman of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, permanent commission and members of the City Parliament for their hard work.

  In turn, the representatives of Samarkand higher school expressed gratitude for warm welcome and pointed out the common history linking Russia and the Republic of Uzbekistan, recalling in particular that during the war years from 1941 to 1944 Military Medical Academy named after S.M.Kirov was evacuated in Samarkand. It should be noted that three graduations of military doctors who were later sent to the frontline were trained at the Kirov Military Medical Academy in Samarkand.

  Alexander Rzhanenkov also recalled the period of the World War II when many residents of the blockade of Leningrad were evacuated to Uzbekistan.

  Inter-university cooperation and cultural exchange were also discussed.


SSMI Press service