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Established cooperation with KOFIH (Korea)

  A group of KOFIH (Korea Foundation for International Health) representatives paid a working visit to the Samarkand State Medical Institute. The Korean delegation was welcomed by Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute Zhasur Rizaev. The delegation was headed by Dr Sebastian Yoo, (Korea Foundation for International Health) representative of KOFIH in Uzbekistan. KOFIH (Korea Foundation for International Health) is a foundation, which implements a number of charity projects in the field of health care in Uzbekistan.

  EMS - EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE - is working with emergency physicians and paramedics to provide them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills based on current Korean medical experience in order to improve their expertise in emergency medical care.

  It is announced that SamSMI will issue a certificate to those who have completed the course based on the Korean education system. The certificate is authenticated by both parties and is internationally recognised. Citizens who have received this certificate are entitled to participate in the process of improving the knowledge and qualifications of doctors. A similar simulation centre has been in operation in Tashkent for a year now. Now a similar centre will also be opened at SamSMI.

SamSMI Press Service