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Memorandum of cooperation signed with GC

  Representatives of the renowned international company CG visited Samarkand State Medical Institute on December 13.

  “GC” is a leading company-developer of dental products in accordance with the generally accepted international standards. For decades, “CG” has been manufacturing innovative products, conducting scientific research and implementing world-class developments. The company has firmly established its partnership with dental professionals and confirmed its involvement in the promotion of oral health.

  In discussions with Rector of the Institute Zhasur Rizaev and company representative Vladimir Berezin (country manager GCEEO Nort CCA) reached a mutual understanding on the need to build mutually beneficial partnership in the field of equipping medical facilities dental unit with the latest technology and drugs.

  As a result of the meeting, a Memorandum of Cooperation was solemnly signed between Samarkand State Medical Institute and GC.

SamSMI Press Service