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Meeting dedicated to the fight against corruption

  On December 9 - International Anti-Corruption Day, within the framework of the Anti-Corruption Week, a meeting was organized at the Samarkand State Medical Institute with the representatives of the law enforcement agencies on the theme of "Corruption as one of the main obstacles in the way of our development".

  The event was conducted by Eliorbek Aripov, Samarkand region State security service (SSS) officer, Khamidullo Sadullaev, responsible officer of the Department of Internal Affairs, Vokhid Sirliboev, head of the regional testing centre, Lochinbek Khudoyarov, head of Samarkand State Medical University's anti-corruption department, and Tolib Nabiev, Deputy Dean of the medical faculty for spiritual-educational work.

  In the current era of globalization, regional and interstate integration, there is a danger of a number of problems contributing to the destruction of society and the disintegration of all countries. One such problem is corruption, which has been being frequently mentioned among the general public and in the media these days. The claim that any country is free from corruption is a lie. Corruption seriously undermines the political and economic development of any state and society, weakens the constitutional foundations of the state and the rule of law, and ultimately leads to violations of human rights and freedoms. The representatives of the competent organs stressed the importance of promoting intolerance towards corruption among university teachers and students and spoke about the need to reduce corruption and increase public participation in this process.

  During the meeting, teachers and students were informed about measures to prevent corruption in the education system in the country, the creation of the "Corruption Control and Anti-Corruption and Compliance Control Unit" within the universities, as well as about a series of corruption prevention measures.

  Thus, the students freely expressed their opinions on their achievements, various problems and issues of concern to them. All questions from the participants were answered in detail during the meeting.

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