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Documents required for 1st year students entering on a super contract basis

  List of documents:

1. Diploma or certificate (with appendices);

2. Copy of diploma or certificate – 2;

3. Picture 3,5 × 4,5 - 10;

4. Copy of passport - 5;

5. Personal sheet (to be made at the institute);

6. Permission of the applicant;

7. STC answer sheet (must be in colour);

8. Foreign language certificate, certificate (child of a disabled person, soldier, internal affairs officer, graduate of an orphanage, citizen registered in the Iron Book, winners of science and sport competitions, holders of Youth Union benefits), preferential document for women, recommendation of the unit commander (if applicable).

  First-year students must prepare the aforementioned documents as soon as possible; later all candidates will be notified of the possibility of studying on a contractual basis.