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Morally and educational work of the department

  Spiritual and educational activities are carried out in our department during the students' free time. One of the main directions of the department's activity is the formation of high moral values among students, interest in professional activities, involvement of students in university cultural events. To fulfill these tasks, work is carried out in accordance with the approved plan in our department. Every Thursday of the week, spiritual hours are regularly held according to the plan. In addition, every morning there is a 5-minute conversation with students, postgraduate residents and clinical residents on the latest news, spiritual and educational issues. The staff of the department conducts coaching work with groups 529-530 of the Medical Faculty. There is a coaching work plan, on this basis, various activities are conducted with a group of trainers. There is information about each student and their daily activities. There are also albums and CDs showing the plots of the events.

  Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events dedicated to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions and others are held.

  Trips of employees of the Department of Urology to historical places of Samarkand